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Small & medium size businesses

As a small to medium sized company, here is how the Company Coaching Café can help your business growth by supporting your people, performance, relationships and culture.

Embedded in your Well-Being and Engagement Programme

To ensure there is ongoing support for everyone.

Specific groups

To support those who can benefit from extra support:

          • vulnerable staff such as stressed admin support, new mums or people re-integrating after illness.
          • Empowered individuals such as named high potentials, team leaders or those preparing for promotion.

Project Specific

Have the Company Coaching Café support the project teams and / or stakeholders of business transformation projects who need manage uncertainty and thrive in times of change.

Ongoing Learning & Development

To support people to embed learnings after recently attending a training course.


To support new employees get up to speed and integrate into the organisation.


To help leavers prepare for their exit and get mentally strong for their next steps.

Packages & Prices

And there is more ...

We get that

  • You need self-motivated and empowered people to drive your continued growth.
  • You need great communicators to who can focus on customer relations.
  • You need creative thinkers to support your innovation for the future.
  • You need stable and reliable workers who keep the business moving.

We know that

  • People can always work on their EQ and self-awareness to improve how they relate with others for better impact in the workplace.
  • There can be cases of burnout and stress related absenteeism in your organisation.
  • Moving towards an agile way of working is not just about the process, but equally about mindset and thriving on the dynamics in the team.
  • Managers can benefit from communication and coaching skills so that they can inspire team members engagement and growth to potential.
  • Requesting coaching support can be intimidating for some people who may be judged as weak or vulnerable and may not be prioritised due to budget.
  • Organisations often experience phases of business transformation and change. People natualy see a change and performance suffer.
  • Many managers struggle to effectively communicate and inspire their employees, which often leads to team members going elsewhere without addressing the issue.
  • Administrative or younger staff are often susceptible to burnout as they strive to please all stakeholders, whilst wearing down their own resilience and not maintaining clear boundaries.
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