About the Company Coaching Cafe

Our Story

The Company Coaching Café came about after years of experience working with people, performance and impact in organisations as well as study into consciousness, positive psychology and the neuroscience behind self-mastery and self-healing.

We see a world where every employee has access to short powerful coaching conversations which boost their level of thinking, improve mastery in their work and life everyday and empower them to be an inspiration to others. 

The Company Coaching Café is based on five key conclusions:

  1. Every person has the potential to have control over their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  2. Negative stress, in any area of one’s life, has a deep impact on work performance. Acknowledging both and being in integrity costs less energy
  3. Listening with care and compassion and believing in the limitless potential of another, stimulates improvement in well-being and engagement. It creates the nurturing ground for healthy people and their organisations.
  4. Short professional coaching conversations provide instant results on balance, focus and energy which have a sustainable impact on business growth, company culture and working relationships.
  5. Creating awareness about how our brain works and how to raise personal consciousness, leads to higher levels of emotional intelligence and the ripple effect which impacts the wider world.

We collaborate with accredited consciousness and brain based coaches based across Europe, South Africa and America. All our coaches are personally selected and trained in our Six-Step - Shot of Coaching - Session approach.

Helen Steptoe - CEO & Executive Coach

For the last 25 years, Helen has focused on people, purpose and performance, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and organisations. As a management consultant, specialised in learning and leadership development, she has lead the people element on numerous global transformation projects at clients such as Deloitte, Philips, Pfizer, BMW, T- Mobile, Bayer, BASF, TomTom and many more. She designed and developed learning programmes and was a facilitator of the High Impact Leadership Programme at Deloitte University.

After studying consciousness, neuroscience and qualifying as a Consciousness and Brain Based Coach, she started to combine her corporate experience with consciousness principles and knowledge of neuroscience to inspire mindful and empowered actions in others.

She is dedicated to unleashing untapped potential and raising consciousness in organisations, empowering people to be, think and act with more alignment, resulting in more creatively, integrity, responsibility and an improved ability to contribute to company growth and a sustainable future. She bridges the gap between formal organisational structures and the human need for connection, purpose and inspiration in daily life.

Helen is European, British, based in Amsterdam with almost 30 years working
throughout Europe and she is fluent in English, Dutch and German.