How it works


Let’s chat about which package best suits your needs and agree the desired availability.


We’ll prepare access to your online calendar and branded coaching sheets whilst you start sharing the good news about your online Coaching Café coming soon. Our communication package provides some tips.


Employees schedule their session via a link to the online calendar tool. In the tool, they answer 3 questions, which trigger them to mentally prepare. An appointment confirmation and link to the online coaching session is sent to their inbox.


At the scheduled appointment, the coach and coachee meet online for the 30 minute session. All that is needed is a quiet, uninterrupted space for having the call.


We know from experience that each session creates value for every coachee. How? Our clients share their ‘nugget’ at the end of each session.


We value the relationship with our clients and are committed to providing added benefits. That’s why we provide a monthly overview of usage and insights into the value received. Plus we share common themes we hear about, so that you can tackle specific issues in your organisation if necessary – all whilst maintaining coachee confidentiality.