Our shot’s of coaching are boosting engagement
and well-being in the workplace

We help people to see new perspectives and to think and act from positive creation

We live in a world of ever increasing connectivity, complexity, volatility and uncertainty. Ways of working are changing at a rapid speed. Solving complex problems requires us to upgrade our ability to think and act with a higher level of consciousness.

  • Coaching supports every level in the organisation and every function. From strategy to operations, leadership to staff.
  • Coaching improves a persons thinking which fuels improved outcomes.

We facilitate personal reflection, human connection and action towards working better together

An abundance of opportunities brings an equal amount of potential distractions. We are more globally and digitally connected than ever before, and yet many people feel disconnect and isolation within themselves and with others.

  • Managers benefit from reflecting on how and what they communicate to their team, how they show up and what they do.
  • Managers learn to lead confidently from their own values and allow teams to work better with transparency, communication and trust.

We create awareness of personal choices and equip individuals to better manage expectations

In our lives, we are expected to excel in multiple roles and take on more responsibility every day, as well as achieving happiness in the process. However, we know from neuroscience that we can only manage 5-7 things which need processing in our prefrontal cortex at any one time.

  • Coaching supports individuals to plan, organise and focus more efficiently.
  • We support people to get clarity on facts, get out of their story and remove drama so that they can calmly prioritise and make better decisions.

We empower individuals and organisations to take responsible actions to increase their well-being and engagement, when they need it, through short and powerful coaching conversations for immediate results and sustainable impact

The Company Coaching Café helps address the current challenges in the workplace today.

Statistics show that of all employees...

Are disengaged from their work

Are not fully present when they turn up

Experience high stress levels, resulting in negative impact on productivity and family stability

It is reported that 16% of employees in the Netherlands experience symptoms of burnout. This amounts to an annual cost of EUR 2 billion in the Netherlands alone. 

(2017 MIT SMR and Deloitte Digital business research & National Enquete Arbeidsomstandigheden 2017)

"Mental health related issues cost the global economy an estimated 1 trillion US $ in lost productivity per year"

- World Health Organisation 

Our approach applies conscious principles and the latest insights from neuroscience


As a company, you are creating the safe environment and opportunity for employees to take responsibility for their own well-being. No need for time-consuming and costly approval processes. No more employees feeling judged and their request for help rejected based on bias or budget. The Company Coaching Café is a Win-Win all round.

Personal Autonomy

When people manage their own agenda and how they work, ownership of results and creativity tends to increase. The Company Coaching Café supports employees to schedule a session when they can benefit from support or a boost to productivity instead of being prescribed a cycle of coaching.

Environment of Trust

By allowing people the freedom to take a session when it suits them, and for what they need at that moment to perform, it creates an environment of trust, encourages self belief and courage to be capable to tackle any situation and grow into their potential.

Whole person & holistic approach

We recognise and embrace that a person’s life consists of many roles and responsibilities across both professional and personal domains. Some people feel under pressure to show up as different personas in different life areas, but this actually costs more energy than accepting what is. We know that there is a connection between a persons physical, mental and emotional well-being. We therefore encourage coachees to speak about anything which comes up as that will positively impact results in other areas too.

Each session follows our proven six-step structured approach

Pre-session Priming

When scheduling, the coachee articulates what they want to achieve with the session. The sub-conscious already gets to work without you knowing.

Getting Present

The more ‘present’ we are, the more effective a session is. We quickly help the coachee fully ‘land’ into the moment – after all, that’s where the magic happens!

Forward Focus

We create a safe space and use effective questioning that brings the coachee forward to new possibilities, perspectives and choices.

Insight Creation

A moment of insight sparks massive energy in the brain as neurons bind together for the first time to make new neural pathways throughout the brain. Insight makes learning more memorable.

Boosting Motivation & Confidence

Empowering questions support further own discovery of the desired solution and what is needed. Owning their own process builds autonomy, motivation & confidence.

Empower Action

Using the coachees newly sourced clarity, confidence and energy, we support the coachee to define empowered actions and accountability

Added Value

We offer a monthly report of the value we are providing including any insights into potential areas of improvement if applicable

  Verbal nugget sharing at the end of each session

  Online feedback rating

   Insights on common themes which may need focused attention