Scale ups

As a scale-up, here is how the Company Coaching Café can help your business growth by supporting your people, performance, relationships and culture.

Ongoing Well-Being Support
To ensure there is always support on hand when someone needs it and have it available for everyone.

Specific Groups
To support those who can benefit from extra support:

  • Leadership who need to think and make decisions in areas which can be new to them as entrepreneurs.
  • Team members who need to stay empowered, courageous and proactive always.
  • Junior team members who need to develop confidence and courage and know how to communicate and get involved.

Project Specific
Have the Company Coaching Café support a team which is working on a new initiative.

Ongoing Learning & Development
To support ongoing personal reflection and learning on the job or after attending a course.

To help new team members ramp up asap.

To help leavers prepare for their exit and stay mentally strong for their next step.

Packages & Prices

And there is more ...

We get that

  • You have big ambitions and are growing rapidly.
  • You need self-motivated and empowered people to drive your continued growth.
  • You need team members who are productive and able to work confidently.
  • You need people with a creative mind and collaborative spirit.

We know that

  • There is pressure to show results to investors and other stakeholders.
  • It can sometimes be chaotic, working in unknown territory.
  • You have limited or no people development support internally.
  • New or inexperienced people benefit from support to get up to speed, integrate and become empowered and self-sufficient asap.
  • More senior team members need to communicate effectively to support team members’ engagement and performance.